Hans-Werner Scherer

is Chairman of the Board of Directors.

‘Leadership is enthusiasm about the task at hand – support for sharing successes together’

Hans-Werner Scherer, Chairman of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors, sees consistent leadership as the key to growth and success. Aged 61, he has been a faithful member of the Company for over 30 years. Having served in a wide range of functions, his knowledge of EOS is almost unparalleled. He knows that it’s the people who make the difference. What makes EOS so successful is its employees and everyone who works in partnership with the Group. The question of leadership is therefore particularly important to him: ‘There’s a fundamental difference between leading and managing,’ he says. ‘Leadership means taking an interest not only in deliverables but also in the people who bring about the success. Good leadership is a matter of inspiring people, of pursuing shared goals and of moving forward.’

Hans-Werner Scherer has made a major contribution to the international expansion of the Group. He and his decisions are trusted by clients, business associates and employees in over 20 countries. Mr Scherer is very much aware of the responsibility that goes with this trust. ‘Trust should never be taken for granted,’ he says, ‘It takes years to achieve, but can be lost in a matter of seconds.’ All employees, colleagues and Hans-Werner Scherer himself have to gain this trust anew every day.

The level of trust towards Mr Scherer and his policies was reflected very clearly at a particular moment at the Group’s headquarters in Hamburg in January 2010 – a moment that Scherer will never forget. He was surprised with a gift presented by the EOS Group employees on the occasion of the Company’s 25th anniversary: a painting of a sailing boat bearing several hundred signatures to congratulate the Captain of the ship.

Hans-Werner Scherer: CV at a glance

  • 1973: Abitur (German university entrance qualification)
  • 1977: Diploma in Economics and Organizational Sciences
  • 1973–1985: Career in the German armed forces
  • 1985–1998: Manager of Deutscher Inkasso-Dienst, (internal management responsibilities in IT and debt collection processing; mergers and acquisitions, marketing and sales)
  • 1998–2003: Spokesman for the management of Deutscher Inkasso-Dienst; initiated the strategic orientation of today’s EOS Group, spearheaded the international expansion of the Group
  • Since March 2003: Chairman of the Board of Directors of EOS Holding GmbH
  • Hans-Werner Scherer is a member of the Workers’ Samaritan Federation, the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service and the Hamburg Sailing Club.