EOS acquires 51 per cent stake in marketing services provider CoXulto

‘With this investment, EOS is strengthening its marketing information operations,’ says Michael Weinreich, Member of the Board of Directors of the EOS Group with responsibility for the Germany business unit, in elucidating the commercial decision. ‘Through its sourcing competence, CoXulto has access to exclusive databases which will extend our range of services and improve their quality,’ he explains.

‘This is a real win-win situation,’ adds Arturo Rendina, the current and future Managing Director of CoXulto. ‘The combination of EOS’s analytical competence in the field of risk management and CoXulto’s exclusive databases creates first-class synergy effects – and, as a result, even more and better services for our customers.’

The CoXulto team consists of salaried and freelance direct marketing experts, experienced CRM advisers, sales and marketing specialists, and a long-established Germany-wide network, and covers the entire range of services from consulting to the conception and realization of successful direct marketing solutions.

The EOS Group
With around 3,100 employees in 20 countries, KG EOS Holding GmbH & Co, an Otto Group company, is one of the leading financial services undertakings in Europe. The 36 operating companies in the Group are active in the Information Management, Cash Flow Management and Receivables Management business units and look after some 20,000 clients around the world – from banks and insurance companies, through manufacturing industry and the mail order segment, right up to public utilities, telecommunications firms and IT companies.

Contact CoXulto:
Arturo Rendina 
Tel.: +49 711 601607-3
E-Mail: rendina@coxulto.com

Contact EOS:
Lara Flemming 
Tel.: +49 40 2850-1560
E-Mail: l.flemming@eos-solutions.com