The EOS Group’s annual report provides insights

The EOS annual report: here to shed some light

The EOS Group annual report publishes the company’s key figures. Various articles and reports describe the trends and projects taking place in the Group. An overview of the market completes the behind-the-scenes information spectrum.

How the EOS annual report finds its way to you

You can order the EOS Group annual report from your local contact partner or from our media contact.

The EOS Annual Report 2013/14: Grow. Achieve. Succeed

In the latest annual report from the EOS Group, you can read all about what has been happening in EOS over the 2013/14 financial year, with articles, interviews and study results on topics including the following:

  • Perfectly timed: Accessories producer Fossil succeeds by taking a classic approach – both in the design of its products and when it comes to debt collection for its e-commerce business in Germany
  • Setting the Standard: Europe’s number one credit institution, BNP Paribas Personal Finance, uses EOS Credirec as its benchmark
  • Monitoring creditworthiness: Economic databases provide companies with important data to help secure their liquidity
  • Evolution: EOS subsidiaries are investing in technology to make telephone-based debt collection procedures even more efficient
  • Liquidity knows no boundaries: The EOS Group is a sought-after expert partner when it comes to international debt collection
  • Figures, data, Facts: EOS Group business figures for the 2013/14 financial year

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