The EOS Group’s annual report provides insights

The EOS annual report: here to shed some light

The EOS Group annual report publishes the company’s key figures. Various articles and reports describe the trends and projects taking place in the Group. An overview of the market completes the behind-the-scenes information spectrum.

How the EOS annual report finds its way to you

You can order the EOS Group annual report from your local contact partner or from our media contact.

The EOS Annual Report 2014/15: ‘Agility’

In the latest annual report from the EOS Group, you can read all about what has been happening in EOS over the 2014/15 financial year, with articles, interviews and study results on topics including the following:

  • Interview: The Board of Directors explains how EOS has once again achieved its ambitious goals
  • Considerable growth: Some 40 years after its establishment, EOS Deutscher Inkasso-Dienst is now one of the most successful companies in the EOS Group
  • A cultural change: Belgian bank Belfius puts its trust in value-oriented receivables management from EOS
  • Successful shift: How a Polish bank is benefitting from a business process outsourcing arrangement
  • A moral compass: The EOS Group shows how to combine ethics with sound economic practices
  • Figures, data, Facts: EOS Group business figures for the 2014/15 financial year

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