The EOS Group’s annual report provides insights

Key figures, articles, reports

Would you like to peek behind the curtains for some insight into the EOS Group’s previous financial year? You will find all the important information about the EOS companies in our annual report.

The EOS annual report: here to shed some light

The EOS Group annual report publishes the company’s key figures. Various articles and reports describe the trends and projects taking place in the Group. An overview of the market completes the behind-the-scenes information spectrum.

How the EOS annual report finds its way to you

You can order the EOS Group annual report from your local contact partner or from our media contact. Or simply read the current online edition of ‘Insights’ here and now: EOS Insights 2012/13

The EOS Annual Report 2012/13: Surely EOS

Reliable customer relations

  • Telecoms Giant Vodafone in Spain: Holding its own against the competition with the support of EOS
  • Gas supplier Tigáz in Hungary: Thanks to EOS it has more security for its financial planning

Surely successful

  • Interview: The EOS Board looks back on the most successful year of the EOS Group since its foundation – and looks forward into the future 
  • SEPA: EOS Deutschland, Germany, is well prepared for the forthcoming changes in European payment transactions
  • Cooperation across borders: Collaboration between EOS companies in the USA, Canada and Brazil is creating synergies
  • Finding debtors: EOS uses skip tracing to locate debtors whose whereabouts are unknown, even if they are overseas
  • EOS conducts research: EOS companies worldwide monitor developments on the markets