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EOS Journal offers a mix of corporate and financial information as well as up-to-date business and lifestyle articles. Our client magazine is published four times a year in English and German.

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Our magazine is for all existing and prospective EOS clients in small, medium-sized and large companies – worldwide.  You can order the EOS Journal using our online order form.

Current EOS Journal 1/2015


  • Debt reforms: Brussels I regulation came into force
  • Europe: cashless transactions are on the rise
  • Survey: European customers are more likely to pay on time


  • Discover Brazil: life is one big party


  • New alliances: EOS continues to expand its network in international debt collection
  • New structures: restructuring enables companies to increase their competitive edge
  • New relationships: how to break through when your team hits a brick wall

Best Practice

  • Danish bank works in close partnership with EOS

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