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Current EOS Journal 1/2016


  • Excessive dept and abusive bankruptcies – how to prevent them? At the alpha-forum in Zurich, legal experts explained the latest trends in risk management.
  • Managing risk together: International exchanges strengthen EOS expertise in risk management
  • EOS sells Bürgel shares: “We will keep on working with Bürgel in the future.”


    • The Paris of the East: Bucharest is young, vibrant and rich in culture.


    • Credit specialists from the top: Cetelem always processes loan applications in a particularly responsible manner, like its debt collection service EOS Spain.
    • EOS Survey ‘European Payment Practices’: 21 percent of businesses in Europe expects the proportion of foreign receivables to rise.
    • The oldest financial institution in the Republic of Macedonia: The Stopanska Bank is a stable financial pillar for the country and has now cooperated with EOS Matrix for over twelve years.
    • Do you speak global? Intercultural skills are an important factor behind the success of international activities.

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