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Current EOS Journal 4/2015


  • Top rating for EOS: continuity and reliability have once again earned the EOS Group an A-rating
  • Managers of tomorrow: EOS Matrix in Macedonia helped future leaders to prepare for their roles
  • An excellent manager: managing Director of EOS Matrix in Bulgaria was chosen manager of the year


  • Belgium: today, Bruges attracts visitors from all over the world


  • Lift manufacturer Kone has revolutionised elevator technology: as a partner of Kone Felvenó in Hungary, EOS KSI was able to highlight some room for improvement in the firm's debt collection operations
  • Quality prevails: at the end of 2014, EOS Immobilienworkout in Germany acquired the largest portfolio in it's history
  • Together we are less alone: companies in an industry often share the same interests
  • Ever more companies are working together with the competition: What opportunities and limits does a networked economy present?

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