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Debt sales can secure your financial solvency

Liquidity through debt sales

Would you like to sell your receivables? The EOS Group purchases receivables packages with different compositions. We can take over our customers’ receivables packages that are unpaid, dunned out of court, already enforceable and enforced, unsecured or secured by assets and property.

We use a sampling process to assess your receivables, and use this information to calculate the purchase price and make you a realistic and fair offer.

Sample receivables packages that are secured by property

Property financing is a key source of income for banks. However, many suffer from an increasing number of ‘bad loans’. Commissioning a specialist to handle receivables that are unpaid and secured against property saves time, energy and money, and ensures that bad debts are handled in a legitimate way.

EOS offers a full-service package: we evaluate loans that are collectible, secured by mortgages or unsecured – both for residential and commercial property.

Selling receivables – how you benefit:

  • We save you time and energy in accounting.
  • We buy your receivables, you benefit from the positive effects on your balance sheet.
  • We process your receivables in a legitimate way, protecting your good reputation.
  • We provide you with immediate liquidity for new investments.
  • We provide the space you need to concentrate on your core business.
  • We support your dunning and legal departments.

Protect your liquidity by selling your receivables to the EOS Group.

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