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EOS employees are drivers of change

Open-minded, honest, cooperative

Does this seem familiar? You’ve had a job interview – maybe two – and following an affirmative response from the company you now need to decide for or against the potential new employer. Do I fit into the corporate culture? Will my colleagues welcome me? Will I be able to contribute? Questions like this often remain unanswered and joining the company is a gamble. Not at EOS! We let EOS employees have their say – so that you know who you’re dealing with right from the start.

Team spirit unites the Group 

Admittedly, people are frequently at odds with each other. All the more so when they come from different countries and cultures. And yes, even if they work for the same company. Yes, frequently.

As far as the EOS Group is concerned, Raluca Bisceanu, a marketing and PR specialist from Romania, speaks for all her international colleagues when she deviates from this point of view: ‘Although we are represented in many places throughout the world, we speak the same language!’

She is referring to the team spirit that prevails throughout the Group. At whatever hierarchical level people join EOS, the employees are there for each other.

‘Many friendships are formed, too,’ says Despina Iliycheva, an assistant from Bulgaria. Alexander Schmid, a Quality Management Consultant from Germany, adds: ‘EOS is a global team full of dynamic people.’

Peter Hægerstrand Jensen, Managing Director for EOS Denmark ‘I experienced a massive support from the EOS Group management and specialists when starting up EOS in Denmark from the ground. Right from the outset the cooperation was in a very kind and open atmosphere.’ Greek Personal Assistant to the Managing Director Vicky Katsika, too, is unable to contain her enthusiasm: ‘I’m proud to be part of the big family.’

Trust is the top priority

At EOS, as in a real family, trust and responsibility are important right from the start. Martina Reincke, for example, joined EOS after completing her law degree and is now a team leader: ‘Soon after I joined, EOS trusted me to help set up the legal department,’ she says, ‘which is the best evidence of the confidence people placed in me!’ And German Trainee Johannes Ahrens emphasizes that ‘We trainees aren’t just here to make the coffee; we’re challenged and encouraged in our work.’

Results are not simply filed away: but can be experienced practically. German Cross-border Center manager Rebecca Giesecke, for example, helped to set up a global IT platform together with her team and EOS IT in Romania.

This platform is now the foundation on which the EOS companies handle their cross-border debt collection activities.

EOS is always in motion – as demonstrated by its extensive continuing education programmes, which are a feature of everyday life at EOS and are received with real enthusiasm by the employees. ‘I love my job because I can learn new things time and again,’ declares Bulgarian marketing specialist Mina Mitkova, for example. For Stuart Knock, the EOS Managing Director from the UK, there is nothing more gratifying than watching his employees develop.

Values determine change

Progressing continuously and helping to shape change are one side of the coin – and the need for continuity is the other. Hungarian senior debt collection team leader Anett Fuleki has found both and is certain: ‘The company counts on my work and gives me security.’

All this is based on the firm values to which the Group has committed itself. ‘EOS ensures its clients' liquidity – even in difficult times.

That's how EOS contributes to a stable economy and job safety,’ says the Romanian director Ciprian Antonescu, proudly. And Kevin Bennick, his colleague from the USA with 14 years’ service under his belt, adds: ‘EOS conducts its business in accordance with ethical and moral principles – and that’s precisely why I love my job.’

What about you? If you too would like to be a part of this culture, come and join EOS! 

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