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Outstanding results – the latest annual report for the EOS Group

In the latest annual report from the EOS Group you will learn about the strategic, technical and operational innovations that made the company a success in fiscal 2015/16. For your convenience you can view the annual report online here.

As well as interesting articles, interviews and survey findings, you will also find a detailed report on the KPIs from the last financial year, which we summarise briefly below:

Raising the bar

In fiscal 2015/2016 EOS Consolidated achieved a pre-tax profit (EBT) of €181.4 million, a figure that was well above the target and the previous year’s level. EOS Consolidated was also able to exceed the targeted revenue and reported sales of €596.1 million.

Germany still the most important market

With a 46.1% share of revenue, Germany remains the most important market for the EOS Group.

In Western Europe, EOS achieved an increase in sales of 19.9 per cent in the last reporting year. With a share of revenue of 20.6 per cent the region ranks just ahead of Eastern Europe (18.1 per cent).

In the top three in all established markets

Investments in receivables purchasing continue to be at a gratifyingly high level – but as expected fall below the very high value from the previous year. In the coming fiscal years, the EOS Group will continue to pursue the goal of either achieving or maintaining its position within the top three in all established markets with the exception of the USA. A key area of focus will continue to be receivables purchasing. For fiscal 2015/16 the EOS Group is planning investments that are considerably above the level of the year under review.

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