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EOS company history – from Hamburg to the world

A look at EOS company history shows: if it says EOS on it, then EOS is definitely in it, and it’s a name that stands for high-quality service – throughout the world. This German company has been expanding on a global scale, especially since 2000, investing in new services and continually strengthening its core competence – receivables management. Today the EOS Group is one of the leading financial services providers in Europe.

The launch of this successful enterprise came in 1974 when the German debt collection service DID (Deutscher Inkasso-Dienst) emerged from the dunning and legal department of today’s trade and service group OTTO (Handels- und Dienstleistungsgruppe OTTO).

As specialists in debt collection, DID soon started to grow considerably, both nationally and internationally. EOS first ventured out into other countries in 1981 when it founded the debt collection service EID (Euro Incasso-Dienst) in the Netherlands. In the years to come, EOS widened its scope to include long-standing debt collection companies such as EOS mercator in Germany and Collecto in the United States. The success of EOS is based on precisely this mix of new and experienced companies, on the one hand, and a combination of local expertise and an international network, on the other.

It was therefore a logical step for the Group to consolidate its companies under the umbrella name EOS in 2000, thus setting the course for a successful future.

Milestones in EOS company history

  • 2016: EOS Group acquires debt collection service provider Contentia in France and Belgium
  • 2016: EOS Group establishes company in Montenegro
  • 2015: EOS Group purchases debt collection service provider Alphapay in Switzerland
  • 2014: EOS Group founds Company in Denmark
  • 2013: EOS Group acquires SAF Forderungsmanagement
  • 2012: EOS Group starts new business in Albania (closed 2013)
  • 2011: EOS Group acquires 100 per cent of the French debt collection company Credirec
  • 2011: The EOS Group acquires the Canadian debt collection business of Nor-Don Collection Network Inc. (NCN) and thus enters the Canadian market.
  • 2011: EOS Group acquires a 60 per cent stake in Hoepers Recuperadora de Crédito SA, one of the top three debt collection companies in Brazil

2010s: EOS continues to write company history

  • 2010: EOS acquires 100 per cent of the US company True North AR, LLC.
  • Cooperation with the International Finance Corporation, an organization of the World Bank Group
  • Cooperation with CreditCN Business Consulting Ltd. in China
  • Foundation of TOV EOS Ukraine, operational launch of EOS Matrix d.o.o. in Bosnia

From the 1970s to the 2000s: the EOS world

  • From a Hamburg-based debt collection company to an international provider of fully customized services throughout the life cycle of a customer relationship.

Find out more in our leaflet ‘EOS – a success story’.

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