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EOS. For a debt-free world.

What drives EOS? What do more than 7,000 EOS employees worldwide work for every single day? The answer is: For a debt-free world. This is our purpose, our corporate spirit, which gives us a clearly defined mission since November 2017. It is part of our DNA, and the heart of EOS.

The EOS Heartbeat

We want the heart of EOS to beat strongly. This is why we have defined what it is that constitutes a healthy heartbeat at EOS. Seven principles describe our heartbeat and therewith the way we work with each other, with our customers and debtors:

What does a debt-free world mean?

We want the EOS purpose to be understood correctly, because there will always be debt. In our view, it is a good thing to take out a loan to finance a house for example, or to advance a company's goals through investments. This is how we move forward in life. However, if for a variety of reasons these debts cannot be serviced, EOS will find solutions. We develop products and services to assist customers and debtors on their way to a debt-free future. That is what we get up for every morning.

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