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Inadequate invoicing processes in European companies / Decline in professional receivables management set to continue

Sales and EBT up once again on previous year/ Germany the most important market with a 46 per cent share of revenue/ Company makes its biggest ever investment in IT systems

Hamburg, 12 July 2017 – For the thirteenth time in succession, the auditors from Euler Hermes Rating have awarded EOS Holding an 'A' rating, acknowledging that the debt collection specialist enjoys a good credit standing and long-term viability. The key...

Domino effect of payment defaults and delays impacts on economic growth in Europe / Every fourth company in Europe not investing due to outstanding payments

Poor payment practices can have a boomerang effect / Consumers who do not pay their bills harm everyone – the majority that pay on time and themselves / Companies affected by late or unrecoverable payments often react by raising prices or cutting staff to...

Inkassodienstleister für digitales Erfolgsmessungs-Tool ausgezeichnet / Transparenz über Arbeitsergebnisse erhöht Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit / Zahlungseingang signifikant gesteigert

Working with debt collection providers reduces liquidity risks for companies / In 2016, eight percent of business revenue was secured and reinvested in the economic cycle thanks to receivables management / Recovered debts safeguard and create jobs

The percentage of payments made on time throughout Europe has been continually increasing since 2007: Today, 78% of all customers pay their invoices within the specified deadline. Companies are nevertheless suffering financial losses. 3% of all outstanding...

Tackling clichés with humour EOS launches viral campaign all about debt collection services

Hearing the term ‘debt collection’ makes certain images flash before people’s eyes: sinister figures in dark corners, veiled threats and frightened people. These...

Marwin Ramcke joins the EOS Group’s Board of Directors effective 1 January 2017 and will assume responsibility for the Eastern Europe region, where EOS is represented in 14 countries. Mr Ramcke succeeds Dr Helmut Hufnagel, who has headed the Division since...

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