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Know what’s what with the EOS client magazine

EOS Journal offers a mix of corporate and financial information as well as up-to-date business and lifestyle articles. Our client magazine is published four times a year in English and German. You can order the EOS Journal using our online order form or read it online.

Current EOS Journal 4/2016

Best Practice: EOS Spain has purchased one of the country’s largest receivables portfolios
The image makes all the difference. When selling one of the country’s largest receivables portfolios, the Spanish bank ABANCA was able to choose from amongst several lucrative offers. EOS Spain was therefore awarded the contract on more than just price.
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Interview: ‘EOS is filling a major gap’ in Montenegro and Kosovo
EOS recently began operating in Montenegro and Kosovo. Katerina Bosevska, Managing Director of EOS Matrix in Macedonia, is in charge of the new markets. She explains why the services offered by EOS are in such great demand in the Balkan states.
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Growing according to plan: Long-term strategies are important
Most companies seek to expand their business segment to remain competitive. However, greater size at any price is rarely a good idea. Instead, companies should rather consolidate their position by adopting a long-term strategy.
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Growing internationally: Crossing borders effectively
Taking the leap abroad offers companies many opportunities including access to new markets and resources. However, the challenges on the way are great.
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  • EOS KSI in Slovenia receives an A rating for excellent payment behavior and creditworthiness.
  • Staying at the forefront: Georg Kovacs, Managing Director of EOS KSI in Romania, remains Association President.
  • Since September, Dariusz Petynka is the new Managing Director of EOS KSI in Poland.

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