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Know what’s what with the EOS client magazine

EOS Journal offers a mix of corporate and financial information as well as up-to-date business and lifestyle articles. Our client magazine is published four times a year in English and German. You can order the EOS Journal using our online order form or read it online.

Current EOS Journal 2/2017

Best practice: New corporate mission statement of the Otto Group
Based on the motto ‘Together we push the limits’, the Otto Group is transforming itself into a fully digitalised corporation. ‘The mission statement gives us new momentum in our quest for more success with our innovative digitalisation strategy’, says Klaus Engberding, Chairman of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors.
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Best practice: Success on all channels – the viral campaign of EOS
The EOS Group has achieved its objectives with its first viral campaign. The campaign hit the right note, prompting enormous interest in social networks, blogs, print media and on the radio.
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Best practice: EOS Matrix in Macedonia supports the Silk Road Bank in receivables management
In Macedonia, Silk Road Bank is establishing financial services that reflect Western standards. It is a pioneer in receivables management, thanks to debt sales to EOS Matrix.
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Focus: Are you just working or developing your full potential?
These days you can work almost anywhere – in cafés, other people’s homes or the office. Architecture psychologist Rotraud Walden gives insights what factors at a workplace have a positive or negative effect on job satisfaction and the efficiency of employees.
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Focus: Co is tops – Co-working space at the Otto Group
The Otto Group has created Collabor8, a space for better, more creative networking. The office landscape is ideal for teamwork and symbolic cultural change.
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Panorama: Sleepless in Moscow
Hardly any other European city combines past and present as impressively as the Russian capital. Evgeniya Silkina of EOS in Russia guides us through her home town.
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