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Know what’s what with the EOS client magazine

EOS Journal offers a mix of corporate and financial information as well as up-to-date business and lifestyle articles. Our client magazine is published four times a year in English and German. You can order the EOS Journal using our online order form or read it online.

Current EOS Journal 4/2017

Best Practice: Emerges from the crisis as a model student
The Belgian banking and insurance consortium KBC has reinvented itself. Due to liquidity inflows from debt sales to EOS Aremas in Belgium, the company is able to reinforce their capital buffer.
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Best Practice: ‘An extraordinary offer of partnership’
With the sale of portfolios, the Parisian CMP Banque proceeded with its winding up. President Nathalie Lameyre explains why EOS France won the contract for non-performing loans and sometimes takes unusual approaches in assisting buyers.
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Best Practice: Fenca Congress 2017 - Committed to a European culture
The European umbrella association FENCA is reinforcing the image of debt collection as a pillar of the economy. At its annual meeting, the debt collection industry discussed even more efficient methods, uniform standards and upcoming legal changes.
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Focus: Employer Branding – Dressing up in search of partners
To find qualified employees, companies have to present themselves as attractive employers. With employer branding, they establish themselves as a unique brand.
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Further topics

  • Focus: Hundreds of ambassadors
    EOS is pursuing unusual approaches in recruitment in Germany. Employees are helping to win over new colleagues. An interactive video is an important communications channel.
  • Best Practice: ‘Hot autumn for portfolios’
    Bernhard Melischnig is the new Co-Managing Director of EOS Matrix in Croatia. He explains why banks are increasingly selling non-performing loans and how EOS has become specialized in purchasing them.
  • EOS Debt Survey: Debts? Preferably not
    A new EOS study indicates that German, Russian and American households have different attitudes to taking out a loan. Klaus Engberding, CEO of the EOS Group: ‘The vast majority of consumers would like to pay their bills on time, but are sometimes simply unable to do so due to short or long-term problems’.
  • Zagreb: Holiday destination of the year
    Croatia’s metropolis is like an espresso: small but strong. Jelena Janković and Damir Jelić from EOS Matrix in Croatia show us the best sides of their city and reveal the absolute must-see places for visitors.

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