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Know what’s what with the EOS client magazine

EOS Journal offers a mix of corporate and financial information as well as up-to-date business and lifestyle articles. Our client magazine is published four times a year in English and German. You can order the EOS Journal using our online order form or read it online.

Current EOS Journal 1/2018

Best practice: The EOS heart beats for change
The EOS Group’s new purpose – ‘For a debt-free world’ – is ambitious. EOS is hereby setting out the guiding principles for its conversion into a digitised company. What does this approach mean and how will it benefit clients and debtors?
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Best practice: Artists association in Switzerland - let the music pay
SUISA knows the value of music very well. For the Swiss Cooperative Society of Music Authors and Publishers ensures that creative people earn money for their works. When it comes to debt collection, the Society relies on the expertise and fair conditions of EOS in Switzerland (EOS Schweiz).
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Focus: Regulations – Data protection redefined
As of May, uniform and far-reaching data protection regulations will apply in the EU. EOS has been preparing carefully for these changes since 2014, so that the Group will meet the new requirements.
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Further topics

  • Debt purchase in tandem
    EOS has recently purchased two receivables portfolios in conjunction with the Preferred Partner Servdebt.
  • Personnel work: Excellent
    The industry magazine ‘Human Resources Manager’ and Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany, have nominated the recruiting video of the EOS Holding in Hamburg for the HR Excellence Award.
  • Focus: Regulations – A step ahead with rules and regs 
    Companies see themselves confronted with an increasing number of guidelines. By employing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Regtech companies make complying with regulations easier.
  • Switzerland: Not large, but really great
    In just a small area, Switzerland offers four languages, many cultures, countless natural wonders, exciting cities and other highlights. Marek Pokoraczki of EOS Schweiz knows the best.

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