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EOS Debtor Typology

What makes debtors different in Germany, Russia and the USA?

The ‘EOS Debt Survey’ 2017 deals with this question and delivers answers. Key result is a debtor typology that identifies five types: The ‘careless debtor’, the ‘debt junkie’, the ‘occasional debtor’, the ‘mortgage debtor’ and the ‘debt avoider’.

Germans in particular are ‘mortgage debtors’
55 per cent of Russians, 45 per cent of Germans and 37 per cent of US Americans are ‘debt avoiders’ and in the relative majority in all three countries. Distinct differences are in the second-placed categories: Typical for Germany is the ‘mortgage debtor, who does not like to take on debt on principle but often does not regard a loan to buy property as real debt. This type comes in second place in Germany at 36 per cent.

USA: More ‘careless debtors’ 
‘Careless debtors’, who service several loans at once, actually come in second place in the USA at 29 per cent. This figure has gone up by nine per cent points since 2015. In Russia, on the other hand, the second most frequent type is the ‘occasional debtor’, at 27 per cent. Accordingly, every fourth Russian finds debt to be an emotional burden, but is still prepared to take out instalment loans in emergency situations.

Find out what the five ‘debtor types’ are all about and what differences there are in the international comparison.

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