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How debtors feel about their obligation

Online retailers are the last to get their money

Is it more important for people to pay back debts to their family, friends or banks? The 'EOS Debt Survey' 2017 shows to whom people feel the strongest obligation if they owe them money.

Germans take finances personally
29 per cent of Germans feel the strongest obligation to pay back debt to relatives, 28 per cent to friends or colleagues, and 26 per cent to a bank. Only six per cent feel the same kind of obligation towards a bricks-and-mortar store or service provider, and as little as 3 per cent towards online shops. 39 per cent of Germans, 30 per cent of Russians and 35 per cent of US Americans would pay debts from internet shopping last.

Different countries, different attitudes to debt
Compared to Germany, the sense of obligation towards creditors known personally to the debtor is lower in Russia and the USA: For example, 60 per cent of Russians and 48 per cent of US Americans would pay back debts to a bank first. In Russia only 13 per cent of people and in the USA 18 per cent have the strongest sense of obligation to pay back debts to relatives, on the other hand.

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