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Using great cinema to counter clichés

Debt collection is a shady business. Isn't it? Three short viral films are playing on common preconceptions
The scene is quite eerie: a dark basement, a shady individual and a plastic tub full of concrete. ‘You knew that this time would come. It comes for each of you. We've reached the point of no return’, threatens the man. He then dips the scared boy's feet into the cement. Is he about to give the child 'cement shoes' like the mafia does when they are trying to get unwanted opponents out of the picture? 

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A glimpse behind the scenes

In Bucharest in September last year the shout was heard ‘And action’. A professional film crew spent two days there shooting the three spots for the EOS campaign. Five actors who were selected beforehand in London plus several extras performed in front of the cameras. Behind the camera was the Berlin-based producer Silvio Helbig who has won many awards with national and international commercials for such companies as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Siemens. Take a look behind the scenes to see how a film is made:

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