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Debt collection with EOS: Getting your cash flow moving, the friendly and precise way

You can rely on the experience of the debt collection experts at EOS

Would you like to reduce the number of receivables due from your private clients? The debt collection experts at EOS will support you in recovering outstanding debts in a quick and efficient manner. They will also provide an effective way of addressing clients that may have cash flow issues. This will relieve your company of a burden, because outstanding receivables tie up your financial resources and your workforce.

EOS has many years’ experience in national and cross-border debt collection. We can offer you tailor-made solutions for all aspects of receivables management due from private clients. Alongside written and telephonic reminders, we also use modern channels to communicate with your debtors, as and when needed.

With the help of modern EDP and debt collection software, we customise our services in line with the processes of your company and your requirements. Our receivables processing approach is quick and automated, yet we always maintain the highest quality standards. This is how EOS creates added value for you. 

The basic principles of debt collection at EOS

  • Ongoing and direct contact with debtors means EOS can ensure a continual flow of your assets.
  • When it comes to contacting debtors, empathy, flexibility and persistence are what lead to success.
  • Thanks to their personal skills, professional qualifications and ongoing training, EOS employees always communicate with debtors in an appropriate and professional manner.

Benefits of debt collection with EOS

  • Secures incoming payments
  • Creditworthiness improved
  • You are no longer responsible for the administration and monitoring duties for receivables management
  • You can focus on the business practices of your main line of business
  • Valuable client relationships are maintained
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