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Debt collection for real-estate secured receivables

Property financing is one of the most important sources of income for credit institutes. However, a growing number of bad loans are posing challenges for many banks, building societies, savings banks and insurance companies. This is because processing problem credit is not part of the core business of most such institutions. They often lack the specialist departments and suitable software, which causes increased costs for processing credit that is at risk of default.

Experts from EOS will support you with comprehensive services around the processing of receivables secured by real estate. If processing is carried out on a trust basis, you remain the owner of the receivable. Our specialists will work together with the debtor on devising a realistic strategy to avoid enforcement measures and facilitate a cooperative solution. If the debtor is not interested in reaching a joint solution, EOS specialists will then carry out an analysis for the purposes of utilising the secured property. They will develop a strategy that covers aspects such as foreclosure, forced administration and marketing the real estate.

Alternatively, we can also offer to purchase your property-backed receivables portfolios. Prior to purchasing, EOS will assess each and every piece of real estate included in the receivables portfolio to ensure you are offered a fair price for your portfolio. Our objective is always a realistic repayment plan that is within the capabilities of the debtor. This cooperative approach ensures that your reputation with the debtor is maintained even after selling the receivables.

EOS’s professional solutions for handling receivables secured by real estate help save you time and personnel resources for your core business. Credit institutes can also increase their cash inflow and improve their equity capital structure. 

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