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Unsecured receivables

Companies generally aim to finalise transactions in which their receivables are secured. However, there are many industries in which these types of safeguards are difficult – or impossible – to attain. These include, for example, the mail order sector, telecommunication services and energy supply. Companies from these categories generally have large outstanding debts by private clients, which consist of multiple smaller receivables. Even though running credit checks is far simpler than a few years ago, the number of impaired receivables in this area has been increasing continuously. Companies can take the burden off their own receivables management processes by transferring the task of recovering these outstanding receivables to the specialists at EOS. They therefore benefit from the results of professional debt collection.

Selling receivables portfolios can also be a great relief in the case of non-performing receivables, which consist of a large number of smaller claims. The seller will immediately receive the agreed purchase price regardless of whether all the receivables can be realised at a later point, or only a few. EOS assumes this risk. The company selling incurs no recovery costs, which means it is assured better planning security and reliable income. This can improve its balance-sheet structure.

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